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We suggest you immediately search for direct flights to Ahmedabad or else any flight to Delhi and come here to Rajasthan from Ahmedabad. This is something that you will love to know about and experience it yourself if you believe in haunted tales and exorcisms. You will surely want to visit this fort in Rajasthan that is apparently known to be the most dangerous once darkness dooms over it. Bhangarh Fort is a historical memorial built by Raja Madho Singh in 1631. But some people believe it was built by Bhagwant Das in the 15th century itself. The fort is located in the antediluvian town of Bhangarh, which lies 40 km from Jaipur and is about 300 km from Delhi. For centuries, the fort has been associated with several horror stories and is known as the most haunted place in India. The telltale stories of this place are told by everyone with equal anxiety and interest.

 A fort standing in ruins, in desperate need of restoration, stones that were once put together to form walls now crumbling down, remains of what were once shops and houses, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides, huge trees in the campus, a temple at the main gate, a notice outside the main gate by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) that reads, “ENTERING THE BORDERS OF BHANGARH BEFORE SUNRISE AND AFTER SUNSET IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. LEGAL ACTION WOULD BE TAKEN AGAINST ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS.” This place now allows only monkeys and their species to live here. Even the population of birds seems to be decreasing day by day.


 Falling back to the history, Madho Singh named the city after his grandfather Man Singh who was also known as Bhan Singh and that’s where ‘Bhangarh’ comes from. He was succeeded on the throne by his son Chhatr Singh who died in 1630. Who ruled Bhangarh after Chhatr Singh is not known however the prosperity, wealth and power of the town was lost with death of Chhatr Singh and Bhangarh slowly declined. However though the fort remained as it still had support from the mighty Mughals. After the death of Aurangzeb, mughal empire too weakened and it was around this time that Jai Singh II of Jaipur attacked and attached Bhangarh to his state by Force in 1720. The population of Bhangarh started to diminish under Jai Singh’s rule. Then came the great famine of 1783, also known as the Chalisa, which left the entire town uninhabited and it has remained so ever since. Nobody knows what happened exactly here but the place turns out to have an interesting story to hear.


 It is said that before the fort at Bhangarh was built, a monk or Guru by the name of Balu Nath used to live here alone. He was a sanyasi who had given up all worldly belongings and went to forest to be away from people, common man’s desires and dedicate his life to God. He was against the idea of building a town because that would mean a lot of people around, a great amount of disturbance in his daily prayers and will beat the very purpose of him living there to be away from people. However though, after much persuasion by King Bhagwant Das, he agreed on one condition that the shadow of the king’s palace should never touch Balu Nath or his residence or the city will perish. Bhagwant Das agreed to the condition and so began the construction of Bhangarh Fort. Interesting fact around this is that King’s palace only consisted of 3 or 4 floors initially, in order to honor Balu Nath’s Condition that the shadow should never reach his residence. Years passed and the city prospered. Slowly over the time, Balu Nath’s warning was forgotten and one of the later kings, Ajab Singh, re-built the palace to a new height by adding 3 more floors to the existing 4. This proved fatal as it caused the palace’s shadow to reach the place where Balu Nath lived. Hence what was once a warning turned into a curse and the city doomed. How it happened is something no one can tell. Whether everyone left or died because of the curse remains a mystery. Some say that Balu Nath has his grave there and he wakes up every night to haunt the place. The story might sound completely lame but there is no harm in booking Delhi flights or cheap flights to Ahmedabad to come and see it all for yourself. It will be a trip worth remembering. Be it a haunted place or anything else, a visit to Rajasthan is a must. The story doesn’t end here. There are many happenings going on in the fort. You will surely get to read about them in our next page of telltales about Bhangarh Fort. Keep following us if you wish to know more about it.  But for now, search for cheap flights to Ahmedabad or any direct flights to Mumbai to reach the destination.

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