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Backpacking the globe is an amazing experience and something everyone should do. Of course, not everyone will, but the ones who do are that much more enlightened. The longer you can backpack for, the better. Of course a week is better than not going at all, but one, two or even five years is much better. I say this because with short periods of travel, you are still your old self. You haven’t evolved and become a new person with new ideas, new outlooks on things and new goals. After a longer period of travel, exploring and experiencing new cultures, there is just not a way that you won’t evolve to a new person. I was fortunate to travel and backpack for 5 years. I started the journey as one person but definitely evolved throughout all of my adventures and I like who I became more than the person that I started as. I am glad I got the chance of traveling through the best travel services including the business class flights in the amazing Boeings. So basically here are my top recommendations for you to enjoy yourself:

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Mainly travel alone – People are much more likely to talk to you and invite you to do things than if you are two people. Groups of 3 or more? That’s too intimidating for others to approach.

Have a purpose – Yes, backpacking ‘The Gringo Trail’ throughout certain regions is great. But I found that if you could travel the world with a purpose, you got off the beaten path and engaged much more with the locals in whatever country you are in and make true friends for life. For me, I was a kite surfing instructor. So I traveled to beach towns – some popular and some more remote. Other examples I met were traveling yoga instructors, traveling photographers and traveling writers.

Travel light – You can buy almost everything you need anywhere in the world. Nothing makes you stand out (and usually not in good ways) with some big backpack or suitcase. Scale down what you need to bring to just a few things that fit into a basic backpack. Remember, it’s all about the adventure, not the “cool” (useless) gear you have. You might even want to go for the last minute flights.

Don’t buy flashy gear – Like that cool North Face backpack? Or those cool Salomon shoes? Forget about them. All they do is make you stand out when you arrive to a new country. Find comfortable, basic and normal clothing. Don’t look like a goofy explorer…just look like a normal person and people will treat you normal.

Keep your electronics to a minimum – These are just items that become open to theft and they become a distraction for you. You are supposed to be experiencing new things, not heads down looking at Facebook or Instagram on your iPhone or iPad or worse a laptop. There are plenty of internet cafes if you need access to a computer. To make your journey through cheap flights to India or any other country even more exciting, make sure you go through the best online travel agencies like Indian Eagle.

Just be normal – You are in new countries with different cultures, traditions and ways of doing things. Nothing is worse than arrogance. Like another poster said, ‘eat it first, then ask what it is’.

Find the party – Socializing people are ALWAYS open to meeting new people. Even if a party is 100% locals and not even speaking your language, they will invite you with open arms if you head over to them. Of course alcohol makes its all easier, so accept their beer or drink.

See the famous things – They are usually very cool and worthwhile seeing. Just head there early in the day when they first open or late in the day when they are about to close. In those times there will much less crowds and you can get some great pictures.

Learn a new skill – Who do you want to become as your finish your journey? Why not learn it while you are on the road and you can probably meet other locals or travelers into that same skill who can help you learn it even more. So just book your flights with best airfares on tickets and start flying.

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