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The beautiful former capital of British Raj sits comfortably on the banks of the River Ganga. Known popularly as the ‘City of Joy,’ Kolkata is one of the most popular places to visit in India. Book cheap flights to Kolkata or direct flights to Kolkata if you haven’t been here before. Indian Eagle travel agency books last minute flights for the convenience of those without the luxury of time to book cheap flights to Kolkata in advance. You can book cheap flights to Mumbai and other cities as well. Their deals on business class flights are amazing and guarantee you huge savings. Come explore this awesome capital of West Bengal state known also as the ‘Cultural capital of India.’

One of the largest cities in India, Kolkata’s part in history cannot be sidelined. A prime center for British rule, the remnants of their reign can be seen in the city’s incredible historical architecture. Book cheap flights to Kolkata or direct flights to Kolkata and explore historically significant places that will give you an invaluable glimpse into the city’s intriguing past. Queen Victoria spent many years of her life at the Victoria Memorial. Its intricate architecture is amazing to behold. The Howrah Bridge is an innate part of the city, so famous now that it has become the face of Kolkata. Book cheap flight tickets to Kolkata India and visit this towering steel structure which will leave you spellbound. The ‘Indian Museum’ in Kolkata is the oldest one in the country and houses the only ‘mummy’ in India among other priceless and rare artifacts. Other iconic places you can visit here include Belur Math, Marble Palace, Birla Planetarium, Eden Gardens and Nicco Park among others.

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Best time to book cheap flight tickets to Kolkata India

Book cheap flights to Kolkata or direct flights to Kolkata during the months of October – March and be a part of the vibrant Durga Puja festival. Celebrated with incredible pomp and fervor, this is an epic festival in Kolkata. People wear bright new clothes, set up Puja Pandals, and perform incredible song-and-dance rituals. This is one of the best times to visit the city on cheap flight tickets to Kolkata India. Mouthwatering food is served at every Pandal and you have a wide array of items to choose from. Macher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, Chicken kabiraji and Chelo Kebab are among some of the most delicious and popular food items to try here. Bengali sweets are famous worldwide and you should definitely try some of them when in the city. Sondesh, Roshogulla, Mishti Doi, Lobongo Latika Malai Chom Chom and Thandai/Kulfi are some of the most popular Bengali sweets you should get your hands on.

While the city is seemingly paradoxical with the stark contrasting nature of its poor versus the affluent, Kolkata is nevertheless a lively place. When you arrive on cheap flight tickets to Kolkata India or direct flights to Kolkata, you will see that it is the hardworking middle class society in Kolkata that drives the city to be prosperous. Book cheap flight tickets to Kolkata India if you’re an art aficionado. Kolkata isn’t simply referred to as the Cultural capital of the country. The city is rich in all forms of art – be it musicians, dancers, singers, painters, or theater and film artists, Kolkata has more than its fair share of talent. With modern age, the nightlife in the city has seen an improvement as well. There are several pubs and other such popular hangout spots in the city youngsters flock to every day. Book cheap flights to Kolkata or direct flights to Kolkata and travel to the city with a bunch of friends to make memories that last a lifetime!


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