Nothing can be more mesmerizing than watching the tiny snowflakes fall from the sky and cover the land like a pure cold white sheet. Snowfall is one of the best events during the winter season. There are many places in India where one can enjoy good snowfall during the winter months from November to February especially across the North India. Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttarakhand and North East become the first choice of tourist to experience amazing snowfall especially for the honeymoon couples and for family holidays in India.

If you want to enjoy the snowfall and experience the beauty of it here we are with the list of best hill stations to enjoy snowfall in the month of November, December, January and February. Visit to these winter destinations in India and experience the snowfall at its best.

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  1. Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Shimla a beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist destination of India throughout the year but it transform into winter wonderland when a white blanket cover the place beautifully and one can experience the best ever snowfall here. Best time to enjoy snowfall in Shimla- People who are looking for snow can visit Shimla between December and February. The average temperature during this season is around 8°C and goes down to -2°C so take lots of woollen clothes and enjoy the snowfall. Tourists can enjoy the Ice-Skating Carnival in December at Shimla. One can also visit the nearby places like Chail, Kufri and Shilon Bagh for picturesque views and shopping too. Book cheap airline tickets to anywhere in India to reach this place. Even last minute flights come handy.

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  1. Manali Himachal Pradesh

Manali a beautiful hill town of Himachal Pradesh is one of the prime holiday destinations in India. It is full of natural beauty. High mountains surrounded by snow and large boulder are scattered in the deep valleys make the place mesmerizing. Thick forests, fields of wildflowers and fruit laden orchards all are the prime attraction of Manali. Though one can visit Manali throughout the year but there’s no better time than winter when the entire landscape is carpeted by a blanket of snow. Best time to enjoy snowfall in Manali is December when it receives heavy snowfall and along with Solang valley, becomes a popular resort for skiing and ice skating lovers. USA to India flights are ready for you. Come on! Business class could be your choice too.


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  1. Narkanda Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda is beautiful hill station of Himachal offers a spectacular view of snow ranges. This is an ideal retreat for the tourists who seek some privacy in mountains. It commands a unique view of the eternal snow line and famous for Skiing & Winter sports. Hatu Peak, Jalori Pass, Kotgarh and Thanedhar are some of the beautiful places to visit in and around Narkanda. Best time to enjoy snowfall in Narkanda is between January and February as the slopes of Narkanda become alive by the movements of skiers. Narkanda receives heavy snowfall in winters so heavy woollens are required. One can say that Narkanda is a gateway to apple country of Himachal Pradesh. Book cheap flights to India from USA now so that you don’t miss this magnificent place.


  1. Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie is a well-known hill station of Himachal places. The weather of Dalhousie remains pleasant for most times of the year but winters from December till February are very chilly where the temperature is ranging from 10 degree C to less than 0 degrees. People loving snowfalls can visit Dalhousie during winters especially the honeymooners and experience the snowfall at its best. There are many places to visit in and around Dalhousie. Alla, a potato field, is a one of the most favoured spots by tourists. Karela Nu birth place of Subhash Chandra Bose, Dainkund Peak, Bakrota Hills, Dalhousie Cantonment and Tibetan Market are some of the beautiful places to visit. Surely this place will persuade to rebook airline tickets from USA to India. Beware!


  1. Gulmarg Kashmir

Gulmarg a beautiful picturesque hill station of Kashmir is one of the favourite destinations for snow lovers. It looks like a fantasy set and have been the venue of many Bollywood films. Gulmarg is known to be the most-visited Skiing destination in Southeast Asia. It is a favourite destination for the honeymooners, snow lovers and Skiing enthusiasts who visited Gulmarg from all around the world. Gondola Ride is the prime attraction of the Gulmarg other than the winter ports. Best time to enjoy snowfall in Gulmarg- Though the winters begin in the month of October but the temperature reaches to zero degree from the starting of November. Tourist can enjoy Skiing, snowboarding during this time and many honeymoon couples come to visit Gulmarg. For snowfall December-end to mid-February is the perfect time to visit Gulmarg but make sure to pack heavy woollens as the temperature can drop down till -4 degree Celsius. Start booking already! Go on! Adios!

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