No matter how much we deny it, solo traveling is simply exhilarating. But you may also end up feeling lonely if you don’t indulge in meaningful conversations with the locals or meet someone that you share similar interests with. Planning to make your holiday even spicier and better? Then now is the time for you to check out these real cool apps for singles to meet people.


To install this app, men have to pay a membership fee while women can join for free. You can choose from 3 options – whether you seek a companion for your travels, or you need a local to show you around, or you need someone from another place to visit you. There’s also an option for splitting the travel expenses or choosing to travel only if your date pays. So if you have decided to install it just like me when I did it during my flights to India, then go on.

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If you’re tired of long flight hours, here’s the solution. The world’s first in-flight dating app connects you to people who share the same itineraries as you or matches them according to your flight schedule. You can update your profile and enter what you’re looking for and AirDates will take care of the rest. So install this even before you go to consult any best online travel company. I am sure we can be of more help than any of the top travel agents in USA or India.

cheap flights to India from USA

cheap flights to India from USA, Flights to India

  1. SKOUT

Working in 180 countries currently, this app shows you people who want to indulge in the same activities as you. If you’re going for a concert in Barcelona, or enjoying a quiet evening by the beach in Miami, this app will help you find people that want to do the same thing. You can check out other people in your area and start a conversation with them. Just get into any best travel agent website, book your business class tickets or direct flights or last minute tickets and then settle down to install this app.

cheap flights to India from USA


Connect with global travelers who are currently in the US, Europe and Asia. This app allows you to share itineraries, get advice on traveling or for a particular area and make new friends. You can also invite people to join you for adventures around the place and make spontaneous plans.  This will surely make your trip worth the airfare to India or any other country that has been paid by you.

cheap flights to India from USA

  1. TRIPR

The best thing about this app is that you can add multiple or upcoming trips as well as your current trip. Meet fellow travelers or start a conversation with a local of the place. You can even find new activities to indulge in or get information about accommodation with the help of Tripr.


Now you don’t have anything to fear about traveling alone. You can pack up your bags and head to your favorite destination, and be assured that you’d find a companion with the help of these vacation apps. Enjoy life to the fullest with these apps while you book cheap flights to India from USA or flight tickets to USA from India.

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