Alappuzha, popularly known as Alleppey, is one of the most stunning travel destinations in South India. Located in Kerala state, Alleppey is a city which ranks high when it comes to tourist attractions in the region. Book cheap flights to Kochi and come visit amazing Alleppey at the earliest. The region has so much to offer its visitors that it is impossible to enjoy all its attractions in just one trip. You can book last minute flights with Indian Eagle travel agency in case you don’t have time to book cheap flight tickets to Kochi in advance. Come explore this stunning region and have your best vacation yet.

Tourist attractions in Alleppey

There are countless amazing things to do and places to see in Alleppey that leave no scope for boredom when visiting on direct flights to Kochi. Here’s a list of some of these attractions which you can enjoy while visiting Alleppey.

  1. Alleppey Beach

Due to its delicate yet intense natural beauty, the Alleppey Beach is known throughout Kerala as one of the best beaches in the state. There is an incredible 137-year old pier that stretches out onto the beach, bearing witness to Alleppey’s celebrated past as an important port city. You will also find an ancient lighthouse, dense palm groves, and a stunning garden amidst the ravishing beauty of the Alleppey Beach.

  1. Krishnapuram Palace

The Krishnapuram Palace was built by the erstwhile Travancore King Marthanda Varma Maharaja in the early 18th century. Today, the palace serves as an archeological museum which houses exhibits of antique sculptures and ancient, exquisite paintings. The palace is popular for its stunning architecture and its most famous exhibit is a Gajendra Moksham Mural measuring 14 feet by 11 feet.

  1. Ambalapuzha Temple

Dedicated to the revered Hindu deity Lord Krishna, the Ambalapuzha Temple is popularly referred to as the “Dwaraka” of the South. Also famous for its remarkable architecture, this magnificent temple in Alleppey is home to scores of stunning murals. It is famous for Ambalapuzha Palpayasam, a variety of sweet milk porridge that the temple offers. The place holds as rich a historical value as it does a religious one.

  1. Heavenly backwaters

The stunning backwaters of Alleppey cannot be described as anything less than heaven on earth. Alleppey is blessed with the unique and incredible gift of having its backwaters at the same level as the land. As a result, tourists enjoying a boat ride on these placid backwaters enjoy spectacular views of the shoreline and serene village life. Enjoying a boat ride while devouring delicious seafood on board is one of the most incredible experiences to have in Alleppey.

  1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

One for wildlife enthusiasts, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Alleppey is the ideal place for bird watchers to visit. Sprawled across an expanse of approximately 14 acres, the sanctuary is home to a vast number and variety of birds – migratory and otherwise. Most commonly sighted birds include the stunning Kingfisher, Egrets, and Paradise Fly-catchers among others. Taking a boat ride is the best way to see some exotic water birds.

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Best time to visit Alleppey

Barring summer and monsoon season, any time is a good time to book cheap business class flights and visit Alleppey. You can choose any time between September and March to come explore this stunning destination. With perfect weather conditions, you will be able to enjoy traversing through remarkable Alleppey with ease.


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