Mysore, the city based on the heavenly Chamundi hills is not just a historical place to beat but also a place where you will be finding perfect resorts to hang out with friends and family. Mysore is the home to the best climate and that is why we are here with the list of top resorts in Mysore where you can be this year to see the surroundings and to enjoy a perfect holiday. So plan beforehand and book some cheap flights to Bangalore as this city is nearer to Mysore. So, go on and read along.


Silent Shores Resort Mysore

This resort in Mysore is bedecked with a plethora of scintillating rooms with a balcony facing a lush garden. The sandal spa, fine cafes, towering palm trees, fountains, Jacuzzi, and other bounties of this resort beckon the wayfarers all around the year and make it to the top resorts in Mysore. Taking a stroll with your mate in the lush garden of this resort after a massage and a candle light dinner! Isn’t it heavenly enough to cherish the memory for a lifetime?


The Wildflower Resort Mysore

Hemmed in the midst of acres of greenery, The Wildflower Resort is an ethereal place to hide out. The open-air restaurant, oversized rooms, and rejuvenating wellness center of this resort can never dash your hopes. And if you want to explore some of the highlights of Mysore, no sweat! As some of the major spots of this city like Mysore Zoo, race course, Golf Club, beaches, etc. are a couple of minutes away from the Wildflower Resort. That is why this is one of the top resorts in Mysore and that is why you should totally think about booking cheap flights even if they are last minute flights.

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The Grand Maurya Resort Mysore

A tantalizing pool area, serene ambience, cosy rooms, and finger-licking food define the supremacy of this resort. Having a close proximity to the Mysore Zoo, Mysore Palace, Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery, and other highlights of the city, this resort beguiles gobs of tourists every year. Relishing a gala dinner in the multi-cuisine restaurant of this resort will truly appease your taste buds. No wonder this is one of the top resorts in Mysore.


Golden Landmark Resorts Mysore

Enveloped by the lofty palm trees, this resort is profusely frequented by the seekers of serenity. This resort near Mysore is around 8kms away from the main city. This family-friendly resort even engages the kids, as it embraces a children’s playground too. The murmuring of the birds in the morning and glittering of the stars at night will utterly reinvigorate your senses making this one of the top resorts in Mysore to visit and relive the refreshing lives again.


White Orchid Resort Mysore

Nestled amidst the sweeping greenery, this exotic resort is frequented by the tourists from every nook of the world. The courteous staff of this resort leaves no stone unturned in making your stay one of a kind. Relaxing in the pool, relishing a candlelight dinner, and playing your favorite indoor games in the wellness center of this resort will conclude to an otherworldly experience. It encompasses a 24-hour travel desk to entertain all your inquiries about the city highlights. Don’t you want to visit this one from the list of top resorts in Mysore? Yes right! You do. So come on! Hurry up!


Chitravana Resort Mysore

And we can’t skip this one! The Chitravana Resort in Mysore is lavishly enveloped by the lush gardens and dense palm trees. This resort offers a serene retreat from the enervating life of the city. You would be glad to know that the multi-cuisine restaurant of this resort is decked with separate kitchens for pleasing the taste buds of the vegans and non-vegans. So, pamper yourself by having a night massage and spa and enjoy to the fullest in this heavenly resort around Mysore. Book this amazing resort from the list of top resorts in Mysore. I am sure you will feel worthy and loved here.

You should probably try booking some business class flights too so that even your journey to these top resorts in Mysore goes smooth and luxurious. Bon Voyage!


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