Bhuj, a city from the state of Gujarat that is well known for its century old buildings, most of which have been damaged during the earthquake in the year 2001 is again back to news with its tremendously trending tourism and cultural increments. This city from western India is not just a city with many places to see but is also considered to be one of the talented cities of India. Capital to Kutch, this city had to see a lot of disastrous happenings in the year 2001 when the earthquake hit the city. Nevertheless, like a brave warrior, the city quickly recovered from its major wounds and stood up like a shining star. So let’s find out what exactly are the places to visit in Bhuj. Make a note of these places as they might allure you into booking even last minute flights if possible.


Prag Mahal

The Darbargadh complex has actually three palaces and Prag Mahal happens to be the largest of all three. It was built back in the 19th century but was damaged to the grounds due to the earthquake. So now you will be finding it in a forlorn state. But its ghostly exuberance, the Darbar halls, extremely gigantic chandeliers, golden classical statues and the king’s contribution in the extinction of wildlife can be clearly seen inside this palace. So if you ever get the chance of visiting India, make sure to check this place out as this is where most of the scenes of the cricket blockbuster movie, Lagaan were shot.



Aina Mahal was built in the year 1752 but it ended up losing its top floor or the storey during the earthquake. Now don’t be disappointed much for the lower floor is always open for everyone to see and has a 15.2m scroll showing a Kutch state procession. The interiors hold the 18th-century mirrored works which are European. The theme of European Orientalism – with blue-and-white Delphi-style tiling, candelabra with Venetian-glass shades, and the Harding lithograph series The Rake’s Progress is what this place holds. The description might seem a little complicated but then the magnificent view of the Rani Mahal from the top is breathtakingly astounding. This place was actually built by Ramsingh Malam for Maharao Lakhpatji. Ramsingh was a sailor who had learnt European art during his travel times. The bedroom has beds with golden legs, the Fuvaras or the fountains in the Fuvara Mahal room are magnanimously beautiful and it is believed that the kings used to spend a lot of time here watching the dancers and listening to the poets composing poems.



Folk Art Museum has excellent displays of traditional Kutch culture and also has Rabari Bungas which mean mud and mirror worked huts. Not just these, this place has amazing musical instruments, many wood and stone carvings and so much more to explore. You can look for some of the best souvenirs to gift them to your friends and family if you ever get the chance of coming here. There are even vintage Kutch textiles which are worth trying for use. So if you haven’t had the chance of looking inside the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad then make sure to peep in here. Or else you can head South from the Kutch Museum towards the Mandvi road for approximately 700 meters and your destination will be right in front of you.



Located towards the opposite of the Hamirsar Tank, Bhuj is the home to the oldest museums which has some of the most eclectic and worthy displays of all the time. Right from spanning textiles, weapons, silverware, sculpture, wildlife, and geography to dioramas of Kutch tribal costumes and artifacts, this place is filled with Indianness and its rich culture. You don’t have to panic if you do not know about them for they are displayed with information in both Gujarati and English. So just keep calm and move ahead to see all of them. I am sure they are going to be a feast to the eyes.

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So this was all I wanted to share with you about the places to see in Bhuj. Let us know in the comment section below about your views on tourist places in Bhuj and do not forget to like and share this article if you find this worthy. Stay tuned for some more freshly brewed content and in the meanwhile make sure to look for some best offers and deals on all the business class flight tickets offered by Indian Eagle.

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