How to find cheap airline tickets anytime of the year

How to Book Cheap Flights

How to Book Cheap Flights

Traveling is an innate part of most people’s lives these days and one that simply cannot be avoided. While traveling need not always be an expensive affair, the flight part can be quite a burden on your wallets. Have you ever wondered how to find cheap airline tickets? If yes, then this one’s just for you. We’ve gathered some incredible tips and tricks you can use and save money the next time you book cheap flight tickets. Some of these may come in handy to book cheap last minute flights as well.

How to book very cheap air tickets:

You may have come across several solo travel tips before but not many that tell you how to book flights at cheap rates. Find our tips on how to book cheap international air tickets and save like never before. Make what is generally the costliest part of your trip the cheapest. Use these tricks and learn how to find cheap airline tickets like a pro.

Keep your searches hidden

If you’re wondering if flight prices are going up whenever you’re in that flight comparison mode, then you’re right. Sadly, many airlines will use your search history and inflate airfares for the itineraries you’ve been checking constantly. To avoid this from happening, clear your cookies or use the incognito mode on your browser when searching for flights. So whether you’re looking for economy or business class flights, you will see the cheapest fares for both.

Use only the best possible search engines

There are scores of flight search engines out there but you must make it a point to use only the best and most trustworthy of them all. This is how to find cheap airline tickets as these search engine giants will scan multiple air ticket options before showing you the best possible deals. You will have a lot more options this way. Some of the top search engines you can consider include Skyscanner, Kayak, Indian Eagle, Google Flights, and Momondo among others.

Consider signing up for Fare Alerts

While you scan through search engines, it is alternatively a good idea to sign up for fare alerts and updates as well. Look for the best sites to sign up with which will let you know when prices drop for the flights you are looking for. Update them on a few details such as your intended destination and throw in a few estimated travel dates as well. This way, when you need to take care of some important business and can’t continue your flight search, these sites will do it for you and email you the updates.

Keep travel dates as flexible as possible

If you really wish to know how to find cheap airline tickets, then keep your travel dates as flexible as you can. This is a great way to save money since there’s no exact day when you can book cheap flights. Instead, you could try things such as booking a couple of weeks in advance, booking long-layover flights that are generally less expensive, and early morning/overnight flights which are also known to come a lot cheaper than the rest.

Budget Airlines are a cheaper option

While they may come with a couple of drawbacks such as less legroom, flying budget airlines can prove to be quite a money-saver for you. These airlines offer airfare at far cheaper rates than the other full-service airlines ensuring you save quite a bit. You should, however, do your background check and make sure you know of the budget airline rules and restrictions before booking with them.

Check all your Airport options

If there is more than one airport near you, it’s wise to check which the cheaper one to fly out of is. Sometimes, when you travel a bit further and board from another airport, you will save a lot more than you would by flying out of the obvious choice. Search these as well when you’re searching for flights and find the cheapest airport option for you. This is one of the best tips on how to find cheap airline tickets for your trip.

Try booking connecting flights

It’s no secret that direct flights cost way more than connecting ones. So if you have the option, try booking a connecting flight to cut flying costs. However, make sure the layover you’re booking isn’t merely a few hours apart as this could lead to you missing your flight. Tight layovers are an absolute no! This option is best suited for those looking to spend a day or two (possibly more) at an additional destination before heading on to the intended one.

Choose the cheapest possible destination

This works best if you haven’t yet decided where you want to go. Like travel dates, if you keep your travel destination flexible as well, the chances of you booking the cheapest possible flights are that much higher. Many websites will show you the cheapest destinations from your departure airport when you’re browsing for flights. You can simply select the cheapest option available if you’re open to it. This is how to find cheap airline tickets for sure and save huge in the process.

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