7 Best New Delhi Tourist Places To Visit On Your Trip

New Delhi Tourist Places

New Delhi Tourist Places

Being the massive metropolis that it is, there are countless places to visit in Delhi with friends and family. Delhi tourism is among the fastest growing ones in the country witnessing a vast number of people visiting the city regularly. A city ravaged and reborn, with its thriving population, rich history, and a soulful Sufi side like none other, Delhi is a mesmerizing place to explore. Akin to a country in itself, there are plenty of endlessly exciting New Delhi tourist places you can explore on your trip.

Top Delhi points of interest:

With a sublime blend of old and new, Delhi will leave you spellbound by is beauty and charm. Its list of attractions includes historical places, religious sites, and recreational places as well among other things. There are plenty of tourist places in Delhi for couples as well. Book last minute flights in case you don’t have time to book flights in advance and come visit some of these amazing places.

  1. Red Fort

Most famous monument the capital is home to, Red Fort is an absolute must-visit for history buffs. A powerful reminder of the Mughal era, this monument is the place from where the first Prime Minister of India addressed the public post independence. Built to keep invading armies out, the stunning and massive fort stretches for over 2 km. Prepare to be left spellbound and awed by the spectacular red structure the first time you lay eyes on it.

  1. Hauz Khas

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in South Delhi, Hauz Khas is a treat to explore. The complex of Hauz Khas holds immense historical significance and is one of the top attractions in Delhi. Also popularly called Hauz Khas Village, the area is home to several popular pubs, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and shopping areas among other things. Home to the metro line, Hauz Khas is well-connected to other parts of Delhi. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family.

  1. Jama Masjid

Even if you’ve booked business class flights to the city for a work-related trip, make some time to visit Jama Masjid – the largest mosque in India. The massive courtyard of the mosque can accommodate up to 25,000 devotees at a time. Built in the 17th century, it took about 13 years for the mosque to be completed. If you make it to the top of its southernmost tower, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city skyline. Watch the sunlight throw colorful hues over rooftops and be mesmerized by the beautiful sight.

  1. Chandni Chowk

A stark contrast to the neatly lined streets of New Delhi, Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is one of the most interesting New Delhi tourist places you can explore. You will reap massive rewards should you dare to dive into the congested, crumbling, and downright chaotic streets of Chandni Chowk. You will find scores of shops selling all kinds of stuff from clothes, electronics, and jewelry to footwear, handbags, and spices. This is one of the busiest and oldest shopping markets in the country and a must-visit one especially for shopaholics.

  1. Gandhi Smriti

This is one of the most popular New Delhi tourist places as it is connected to legendary freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. One visit will take you to the exact spot where the beloved and world-renowned Indian leader was killed. You can take a tour of the house where he lived before being assassinated and look at pictures, paintings, and other artifacts. His room has been preserved exactly as he left it and you can also visit the prayer ground where the Mahatma used to hold meetings regularly.

  1. India Gate

A war memorial built to honor fallen Indian soldiers as they fought for the British in World War I as well as those fallen in the Afghan War, India Gate is a must-visit. Located in Rajpath and right in the center of the city, the memorial is visited in large numbers by not just tourists but locals as well. Its boulevard is lined with beautiful gardens where families often come to spend some quality time together. The massive archway spectacularly lit in the evenings is among the most breathtaking sights ever.

  1. Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is among the most famous New Delhi tourist places when it comes to shopping in the city. This spectacular crafts bazaar-cum-food plaza is where you will find the best things to buy in Delhi. Artisans from all over the country gather here to showcase their arts and crafts which you will be able to buy at incredibly cheap rates. There are scores of food choices as well for those who wish to take a break from shopping and grab a bite to eat. So when you board those cheap flights for a trip to Delhi, make sure to include in your itinerary a visit to Dilli Haat.

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