8 Easy Ways To Check Your Flight Status Online

Check Your flight status

Check Your flight status

Air travel is one of the most preferred ways to travel around the world. But while flights may be among the most comfortable ways to travel, keeping a track of flight status can be a bit tiresome. If you’ve ever wished to check your flight status online, then you aren’t the only one to do so. Most frequent flyers have the habit of keeping a watch on flight status so that they can be updated on potential delays or cancellations.

Best ways to check international flight status online:

So you know how to find cheap flights. Don’t know how to track them? There are scores of flight tracker apps that allow travelers to get live flight status updates. They can now keep tabs on the status of their flights and be prepared in case of unforeseen delays or other such circumstances. You can even track last minute flights now! There are other ways to check flight status as well. What are they, you might ask? Read on to know how you can easily check your flight status online.

  1. Visit the airline’s webpage

This is one of the simplest ways to check your flight status online. You’ll find the web address of the airline somewhere on your flight brochure or air ticket. If not, you can type in the name of your airline in any search engine and it will direct you to a link of the airline where you can make your flight status check. Type in your flight number and you’ll know the exact status of your flight including the time it will take for it to reach you.

  1. Fill in your flight details

This is needed especially when you’re unable to, for some reason, produce your airline flight number. You’ll just need to type in a few details such as name, destination, date, and departure time among other things to check your flight status online. Checking your flight status isn’t the only thing you can do. You can, in fact, check details of pending flights and even have a look at flights scheduled for tomorrow. There’s also the option to go over flights of yesterday.

  1. Take a screenshot or a printout

Once you check your flight status online, take a screenshot and email it to yourself for future reference. You can also take a printout of the flight status if that option suits you better. Many travelers book business class flights for a work trip and don’t have much time to spare to conduct a flight status check. By saving a copy of the flight status, they don’t have to recheck it again and can simply refer to the saved copy.

  1. Check flight status periodically

One of the most important things to do when checking flight status is to keep checking it periodically until the day of departure. Whether it’s domestic flight status or an international one, it is important to keep tabs since it’s the only way to know in advance of last minute changes or delays. The airlines usually send email notifications in case of flight delays or cancellations. But just in case, it helps to keep checking flight status by oneself as well.

  1. Sign up for alerts

Many airlines these days offer travelers the chance to sign up for alerts that will notify them instantly of their flight status. Create an account on the airline’s website and sign up for these alerts to keep up with flight status changes. This way, you’ll be notified in advance in case your flight has been canceled and won’t have to find out at the very last minute when you reach the terminal. So sign up and let the airline send you instant updates on the device of your choice.

  1. Check display screen at the terminal

Flight status can be checked at the airport as well in addition to everything you’ve done to check your flight status online. You will find massive overhead monitors that display flight information. One glance at one of these monitors will let you know the status of your flight and when you can expect it to arrive. However, keep in mind that many airports have display systems that show arrival and departure information separately. So when you check your flight status, make sure you’re looking at the right monitor.

  1. Use the airline’s flight reminder app

There plenty of benefits to using an airline’s flight reminder app other than just to check your flight status online. Several of these apps allow users to digitally scan and change seats as well as place orders for food or beverages. Since you will be accessing this via smartphone, you can take advantage of several other features offered by the app. Many airline and flight tracker apps also allow users to check the flight status of those other than the ones they’ve booked.

  1. Google flight search is a good option

This is one of the best ways to check the status of your cheap flights. Go to the Google search box and fill in your flight number and airline name. Google will show you the status of your expected flight in a graphic format. The information displayed will include departure, destination, and layover cities, gate and terminal number for every flight leg, and scheduled departure and arrival timings. However, know that you can check your flight status online this way only for flights that are arriving or departing in 24 hours or less as airlines reuse flight numbers every day.

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