8 Best Women’s Travel Groups In India You Can Join

8 Best Women's Travel Groups In India You Can Join

Exploring India is on the bucket list of every avid traveler in the world. But to visit the country as a solo woman may seem like a daunting task to many. This is one of the reasons so many women’s travel groups have been formed. Join one of these and explore beautiful corners of the country without fretting about your safety and being confused about where to start your journey.

Top women’s only travel groups in India:

One of the best solo travel tips we can give you is to join a travel group. There are plenty of girl travel groups in India to choose from. You can join some of them even if your trip to the country is an unscheduled last minute one. These tours will help you explore parts of the country you wish to without any glitches. Look through our list of the top women’s travel groups in India and pick one that best suits you.

  1. WOW Club

This is one of the best travel groups for women as it caters to tours that are customized, domestic, or even international. If you’re a working woman constantly on the run but would like to take a break, this is the best place to sign up. They have short packages for a quick getaway just for you. The benefits of joining them are plenty. You’ll enjoy furnished accommodation and safe travels wherever you go. Also, their itinerary is a diversified and interesting one that will leave you pleased you chose to join them.

  1. F5Escapes

For women who prefer solo traveling, F5Escapes is the group to join as they let you explore and enjoy on your own. In case you decide you’d like to travel with them and not solo, they will make sure you are provided comfortable lodgings in eco-friendly places. With them, you will also have the chance to experience local culture like never before. This isn’t possible with most other tour companies which are more often than not commercial-minded.

  1. Wander Girls

This is also among the best women’s travel groups and tours India has to offer. They do international trips as well apart from touring stunning places across India. This is the best travel group for women you can join to find like-minded travelers who wish to have the same experiences as you. Fly economy or business class to various destinations across the world and have amazing trips with your fellow travelers.

  1. Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is a great travel group for women who love adventure. They excel in offering you thrilling experiences in the form of adventure activities such as kayaking, trekking, and mountain climbing among other things. Apart from this, you’ll also be able to enjoy meditation workshops, yoga sessions, and photography with them. Joining this all-inclusive travel group will be among the best decisions you will ever make to positively impact your travels in future.

  1. Diva Odysseys

As the name suggests, this one is for women travelers who travel in style and luxury like true divas! This the among the best women’s travel groups that helps you experience local culture at its best and taste delicious local food while you’re at it. You’ll also have the chance to indulge the shopaholic in you while you’re with them. The group does not discriminate on the basis of your age or marital status and will pamper the traveler in you to no end.

  1. Woman On Clouds

You can expect to meet some incredibly wise and seasoned women travelers in this fantastic women’s travel club. They have all kinds of packages that cater to various travel needs. So whether you’re looking to travel for adventure or leisure, this group will cover it all. You will encounter powerful and fiercely independent women from different backgrounds with inspiring stories to tell. This is also a great chance for you to expand your professional networks as well.

  1. Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places to explore in India. But it can be a bit tough for a solo woman to make the exploration trip alone. The terrain is famed for being one of the tough ones in the country and not easily conquerable. This is where Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company comes into the picture. By joining them, you’ll be able to safely explore the region, experience its rich culture, and even stay in local homes.

  1. Girls On The Go Club

Book cheap flights and travel to amazing new places with a fun girl gang! Join this awesome club to enjoy amazing travel adventures and make memories that last a lifetime. This is one of the best women’s travel groups to join if you wish to see great places and make awesome new friends who happen to be travelers just like you. The group will take care of all your needs from food and travel to accommodations as well.

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